Stream Will Include The Following

  • Giveaways
  • Information regarding the "Something Big"
  • Gameplay with myself and ot...

By Ergology_CC, about 1 month ago
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Wait! Is this for real?

Yes actually it is :D, I will be finally giving you an update on what is happening with the event team. We will have them out soon but we have a few problems ahead!

Whats been going on?

Well, the event team and the build team now have been working harder and better together with more communication! We also share a server together and more update will happen on that (/server events)


By Magicball__, about 1 month ago
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Hey there CorbaCrafters!

It's been a while since we've had an update introducing new features, so here it finally is, the second BIG lothar update.
In this update we'll be introducing new features to Lothar. Although lothar will be receiving a lot of new and exciting features,
we haven't forgotten the Philians. We've been working on an update, but it's not yet finished.
We have only been able to do this update now, due to the continuous griefing the server was experiencing
and we had a lot of work when fixing the issue that was enabling hackers to gri...

By Kristof8811, about 1 month ago
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Hi there CorbaCrafters,

Over the course of the last few weeks you have all noticed that there have been issues regarding people
feeling the need to grief Corbacraft in whatever way they could, either through handing out stacks of free keys,
destroying the server spawns in the hub, on lothar and on philia, and worst of all destroying bases. We are
glad and relieved to announce that we have finally resolved the issue.


By Kristof8811, 3 months ago
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Hi there Corbacrafters,

Most of you probably already noticed,mojang has release minecraft 1.14.3. The time
has finally come for Corbacraft too,
to update to 1.14.3, so we too can benefit
from the fixes mojang has implemented in their latest release.
Below you'll
find a short summary of what fixes have been implemented in 1.14.3.

Main relevant features that have been fixed:

By Kristof8811, 3 months ago
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