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Dragon Eggs?

Is there any chance of staff making dragon eggs available in the future?

There’s currently only 1 on the server and someone has already hidden it away. 

It’d be nice to be able to obtain them as rare prizes from crates or events. Are there any plans to make more than one available?

about 1 month ago

Philia's spawn rates

Thank you for responding, Kristof!

and thank you and the rest of staff for helping fix all the trouble that’s come with protecting our community from hackers. I’m happy the staff is responsive and are trying to create as fun a server as possible. 

about 1 month ago

Philia's spawn rates

I must agree that I’m seeing the same phenomenon and it’s pretty much killed any kind of mob-based farms. For example, I have an outpost cleared and pre-1.14.3 I could get a few pillagers spawning per minute. Now I feel surprised if I see one spawn over the course of several minutes. 

I don’t know why mob spawning is dead, but it certainly takes away a lot of the fun of survival Minecraft. 

Maybe some staff can explain why the rates are so low? Is there one player hogging all the entities, or entities in lazy chunks, or some kind of issue with the server? It’s be helpful for us to just understand what’s causing the issue. 

about 1 month ago

Player shop access denied

Hello, I have a player shop in the /warps shop area, and I’m having some problems after the server fixed its hacking problem. 

Basically all the existing shop crates can’t be accessed by me or destroyed by me, so all my inventory is trapped in these chests. 

A mod restored my permission to the shop, but this issue remains. So... I can do anything with my shop except access/change the existing shop crates. 

By the way, my shop is the giant firework rocket with the color-changing beacon.  Look left when you go to the shops area to find it. 

I appreciate any help in resolving this. 

Thank you. 

Edit: Rose visited my shop and fixed the issue. Now my shop is back up and running! Thanks, Rose!

about 1 month ago

Lost Items

Hey, so LirimaElen went to where my sethome was and all my stuff was still there.  She retrieved it and returned it to me so I'm super happy and the issue is resolved.  She also helped me reset my sethome there so now it stopped killing me.

Thanks, Liri!

I think this request is closed.

about 1 month ago

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