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Dear Josh Ur Event Was Amazing Today! :D We want More
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Die's to lag with Ender Dragon Egg :D
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Good luck to me I hope I get Helper !🐶
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Something Big Is Coming

O_o I wonder what it is?

19 days ago

Hi I would like to become a Helper :D

What is your ingame username, and nickname? Blue_The_Dog

What timezone do you live and/or work in?  Eastern 

Can you use Slack? Yes I’ve used Slack  before but I’m terrible at it

Can you use TeamSpeak?
 No I have never used TeamSpeak but I would love to learn how to use it!

Can you use Discord? Yes I am always on discord

How much money have you donated to the server? I’m not sure I would have to look at my old payments

How long have you been on Corbacraft? I have been on corbacraft around 2012-2013 when I started playing but I took a year break in 2014 

How often are you online on Corbacraft? I am on CorbaCraft Everyday except Sundays (Famly day)

Have you ever been jailed, muted, or banned? If so, why? Not that I am aware of 

What reasons do you have for applying to become a staff member? 

I would love to become a staff member because I see how like Toast and Nordic help people when needed and I see how cool it would be to help people yourself. 
What can you contribute to the team that you can’t as a player? When No one is on and people need help I can always be there (except Sunday) 

Do you get along with all players and staff? If not, why? 

Yes, I get along with eveyone but I don’t know if people get along with me I haven’t asked XD 

Have you ever been (or are currently) a staff on another server?
 No I only play corbacraft 

Do you hold any other position on our server or another server (such as builder)?
 No I would love to be a builder but my buildings are terrible 

If yes to above, how will you time manage so one doesn't affect the other?


What is your rank on the server? Groovy

What is your life like outside of the server?  M outside life is school, gaming, Streaming, Planting flowers fruits vegetables ect. I play soccer and I’m on the swim team 

What is your real age? I am 13 years old right now

about 1 month ago

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